Landscaping Tips for Your Pool

Landscaping Tips for Your Pool

With the right landscaping, a swimming pool can become a beautiful centrepiece for your backyard. There are a huge range of stylish options for the area surrounding your pool. From plants to furniture to tiles, the options are truly endless. Your friends and family will love relaxing by your newly landscaped pool. Careful planning is essential when landscaping your pool to avoid common mistakes. To create a pool area that is both beautiful and low maintenance, read our tips and tricks right here.

The Right Plants for Your Pool

A gorgeous garden is a great way to add colour and natural beauty to the area surrounding your pool. However, not all plants are suitable for poolside living. Some plants don't do well when splashed with pool water. There's nothing more heartbreaking than investing in a garden only to watch it wither and die. Make sure you choose hardy plants that can handle a bit of chlorine. Make sure you're not attracting bees to your pool with your plant choices. Flowers and shrubs that produce minimal pollen are your best bet.


Outdoor Furniture

A pool is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor entertaining area. Your friends and family will love relaxing and socialising by the cool blue water, so why not invest in some quality outdoor furniture? Make sure you choose furniture that is totally waterproof. There are a great range of options available for furniture that is both hardy and attractive. There's nothing better than relaxing in the sunshine after a long swim, so don't forget to place a few lounge chairs around your pool. You can even install a pool umbrella for UV protection.


Paving and Tiles

The style of paving you choose will play a huge role in the overall look of your pool area. There are a huge range of colours, textures and shapes available, so feel free to get creative. When paving the area surrounding your pool, the most important thing to consider is safety. Pool water can cause pavement to become incredibly slippery, resulting in a falling hazard. Make sure you choose nonslip tiles or pavements to minimise the risk of nasty accidents.

Ensuring a Low Maintenance Pool

With a bit of careful planning, you can spend as much time as possible swimming in your pool and minimise the time you spend taking care of it!

When designing a garden to surround your pool, make sure you avoid plants that drop excessive amounts of leaves or seed pods. You don't want to waste hours scooping debris from your water. It's never a good idea to surround your pool area with loose gravel. While gravel can create a gorgeous natural style in your backyard, small stones can create serious problems for your pool!


Learn More Tips of the Trade

Our expert team can assist you in landscaping around your pool. For a great range of pool accessories and advice, contact Maple Pools on 02 9604 6644.

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