When to Replace My Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter

When to Replace My Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter

Maintaining your pool's cartridge filter is absolutely essential to ensuring the long-term health of your pool. Because all pools are different, sometimes it's hard to know when to replace your filter. If you continue to use an old or damaged filter, you could be putting the health of yourself and your family at risk. Make sure to inspect your filter regularly and never swim in a pool that appears murky or discoloured. If it's time to change your filter, always use trusted brands like ZodiacPoolrite, or Davey.

When to Replace and When to Clean Your Filter

It's always a good idea to thoroughly clean your pool's cartridge filter on a regular basis. Regular cleaning can increase the life of your filter, saving you time, money and stress in the long term. In general, you should clean your filter once the pressure on your gauge reaches around 8PSI above your base level.
If you experience high pressure over a long period of time, it may be time to replace your cartridge filter entirely. Read more below about some clear signs that it's time for a change.


Check Your PSI Levels

If you're trying to figure out if it's time for a new pool cartridge filter, one of the first actions you should take is to check your pressure levels. Take a look at your pressure gauge. A high PSI reading over time means your filter isn?t allowing water to flow through quickly enough, resulting in increased strain. This is a clear sign that in may be time to replace your filter. To ensure an accurate reading, you may want to check your pressure levels at different times throughout the day.

Carefully Inspect Your Filter

A damaged filter can lead to serious problems with your pool. However, not many people think to check their filter before something goes wrong. It's always a good idea to check on your filter regularly. Take a look through this handy checklist of things to look out for during an inspection:

  • Cracks on your filters end caps
  • Flattening of pleats
  • Ripped or tattered fabric
  • A crushed or damaged cartridge


If you notice any of these issues, it's definitely time to order a new cartridge filter. Take a look though the great range of filters and pool accessories at Maple Pools.

Keep an Eye on Your Water

A clear sign that it might be time to replace your pool's cartridge filter is any changes to your water. Carefully observe your pool over a few days. If your water appears cloudy, dirty or discoloured, it could be time for a new filter.

If you're having trouble identifying whether or not your water is changing colour, take a photograph. This way, you can easily compare any changes as they occur.


For Expert Pool Cleaning Advice

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