Buy Salt Chlorinators from Leading Brands 

Choosing a saltwater pool is a great way to get a beautiful, oceanic feel in your home. What’s more, you’ll save money on buying chemicals and avoid the stinging eyes and skin that come with the huge amounts of added chlorine in traditional pools. Salt chlorinators use a sophisticated chemical process to transform the salt in your pool into liquid chlorine, saving you money and making for a more enjoyable swim. 

At Maple Pools, we stock a wide range of pool chlorinators for saltwater pools, as well as replacement salt cells to keep them working for the long term.


We Focus on Quality 

While you will find great prices at Maple Pools, our focus is on quality. When you purchase a salt chlorinator from us, you can rest assured because we only stock the best brands, such as AIS, Aquasphere, and Zodiac. Our extensive range of salt chlorinators is available for shipping to customers in Sydney, across Australia, and even worldwide. Our friendly staff will help you find the right chlorinator to keep your pool well-maintained all year ‘round.

Call (02)9604-6644 for price and advice on this product

Please call (02)9604-6644 for advice and a best price

Discontinued - Please see Zodiac Ei - 2 for direct replacement

Call (02)9604-6644 for advice on this product

Call (02)9604-6644 for advice on this product

Call (02)9604-6644 for advice on this product

Discontinued - Please see Zodiac Ei - 2 for latest model



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