Common Problems and Issues with Pools

Common Problems and Issues with Pools

Owning your own pool comes with tons of benefits. Swimming can improve your health and fitness, and pool parties with friends and family are memorable and fun! However, most pool owners will deal with complications from time to time. From murky water to clogged filters, most problems can easily be solved with a bit of knowledge and elbow grease. Thankfully, a great range of products and accessories are available to ensure that maintaining your backyard pool is a breeze! If you?re experiencing a serious or long-term issue with your pool, do not hesitate to call an expert.


My Pool has Dodgy Chemical Levels

Maintaining the correct balance of chemicals in your pool can seem complicated, but it's actually a simple process. There are a few tell-tale signs that your pool might be experiencing a chemical imbalance. If you notice burning in your eyes and throat, green hair, increased stains, a strong smell or the presence of slime, it?s time to act. Thankfully, there are a great range of liquid feeders available that can automatically detect and rectify Ph imbalances in your pool.


My Pool is Murky or Discoloured

You've grabbed your towel and goggles and are ready for an invigorating swim. However, your previously pristine pool has turned a nasty colour! If your pool is suddenly cloudy or discoloured, it could be a sign that nasty bacteria are making your pool into their home. To prevent this, make sure you have a reliable filtration system for your pool. A quality filter can remove harmful debris and other nasties from your water. In combination with a powerful pump, you can ensure your pool remains clean for your next swimming session.

My Pool is Full of Debris and Dirt

If you're a pool owner, it can feel like you're fighting an uphill battle against dirt and debris. Backyard pools are always at risk of filling up with dirt, insects and plant matter. To prevent this, make sure your pool isn't located directly under a tree to avoid falling leaves. Stay away from plants that shed excessive seedpods and never surround your pool with gravel. For the remaining debris, here are a range of manual and automatic pool cleaners available to suck up every ounce of dirt. Make sure you invest in a pool cleaner from a trusted brand like Pentair, Zodiac or Polaris.


My Pool is No Fun!

The main purpose of a backyard pool is to have fun with your friends and family. A pool can serve as a great backdrop to your next outdoor party. If you don't think your pool is serving that wow factor, why not install some underwater lights? Available in great range of colours, pool lighting can set the mood for a fun party or romantic midnight swim. A pool is no fun when it?s too cold to swim. If you want to enjoy your pool all year round, you may want to consider a heater.

Need Help Cleaning Your Pool?

For a great range of pool accessories and quality pool cleaning advice contact Maple Pools on 02 9604 6644

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